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What Running Shoes Do I Need?

Runners come in different shapes and sizes and this affects the way in which we run. Wearing the correct footwear will help towards running efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. The Altra range offers different levels of support & technology in the shoe depending on the needs of the runner.

Neutral – True to the roots of the brand, our neutral shoes are constructed to encourage a natural, comfortable stride with no added guidance or support.

A neutral runner will land on the outside of the foot and slightly roll inward. This is called pronation and is the body’s natural way of absorbing the shock of landing and support of body weight.

Dynamic Support – The Altra Dynamic Support Category was created to provide a natural alternative to traditional stability shoes.

Wearing shoes with high levels of stability disengages the muscles & tendons in the foot and lower leg limiting its ability to function the way it’s intended to.

The Dynamic Support Category provides guidance for over-pronating, weak or tired feet but is only activated when the foot requires it.

Trail – Born on a Mountain in Utah, the Altra Trail shoes are where it all began. As lovers of Trail and Ultra Running, the category features a number of technologies that will best perform on some of the toughest, demanding terrains.

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