Welcome to Altra Running Footwear

Running has never been smarter

Introducing the Altra IQ powered by iFit. Affectionately called the “running coach in a shoe.” the IQ is a new wave of smart running technology, giving you running intelligence while you move

Impact Rate

The Altra IQ’s dual shoe sensors allow you to monitor how hard you hit the ground with each step. The app provides a view of your overall impact rate as well as your left to right balance, providing you with the live data and coaching tips that you need to react mid run, and ultimately helping you to become a lighter, more efficient, and balanced runner.

Landing Zone

The IQ’s full-length sensorsrun the length of each shoe and deliver live foot strike metrics. Running hills? Tackling longer distances? Working on becoming more efficient? Live Landing Zone feedback is a great way to see hour your stride and form change over the length of your run, and our live coaching will help you avoid any extremes in foot striking.


Cadence is the live “pulse” of your run and a key factor in your form, foot strike, and efficiency. Our live cadence tracking and timely coaching tips will help you keep our turnover at the appropriate rate for your current running pace, helping you become a more fluid running machine.

Contact Time

Ground Contact Time (GCT) is the amount of time each individual foot spends on the ground during your stride. GCT is a great informational metric to use in coordination with cadence and impact force/balance, helping you find the best stride for your body geometry.

Live Coaching

  • Virtually undetectable, razor-thin sensors are embedded in each of the shoe’s midsoles.
  • Live run-data s sent from the quad accelerometers to the Altra IQ App to be analyzed.
  • Just like a coach, the IQ experience monitors your movements and provides real-time coaching and feedback to improve and streamline your running technique.

Track your progress

In addition to the advanced Altra IQ metrics that measure your cadence, landing zone, foot force, and contact time, we also want you to be able to keep track of your basic stats. Some of these include time, pace, and distance.